Repertoire includes several music programs forming an integrated part of styles, themes and historical background. All the pieces performed by Trio Appassionata are copyright arrangements.


The program composed of the pieces of American composers includes fragments of soundtracks with famous ‘Moon River’, the most popular jazz themes such as ‘My Way’ by Frank Sinatra and the greatest musicals suites including ‘Fiddler on the roof’. Due to the incredible popularity, the listeners are fascinated with the presented pieces. The performance includes lots of curiosities and anecdotes.


Piotr Czajkowski, Aram Chaczaturian, Mikołaj Rimski – Korsakow and several different artists composing across our east border had their enormous influence in the history of music. The program consists of the most popular compositions’ fragments created in this part of the world. The pieces of music refer to characteristic style of the region.  Some of the titles such as ‘Sabre Dance’, ‘Swan Lake’ and ‘Romeo and Juliet’ are recognized during listening to the first sounds. The artistically designed medley of popular melodies such as ‘Kalinka’ and ‘Katiusza’ is the final of the concert.


A concert comprising the greatest standards of broadly defined jazz music in interesting arrangements for violin, piano, accordion and vocals. The greatest compositions of this genre, starting from Ragtime, through swing, which predominated in the 1930s, ending with modern standards. The finely selected repertoire will please both experienced listeners of this genre as well as people who come across jazz music for the first time.


During the concert the listeners go on a music journey filled with memories of the most popular music themes of the history of television. However, the artists of the world film industry are not mentioned here. The program is mainly based on the Polish music rooted in the memory of the viewers. The soundtracks from such TV series as ‘Janosik’ or ‘Czterdziestolatek’ are easily recognized even by the youngest generation. The romantic charisma of the concert is created by the main melody of ‘Polskie drogi’ and instrumental interpretation of the song from the film ‘Ogniem i mieczem’ performed in the original version by Edyta Górniak i Mieczysław Szcześniak entitled ‘Dumka na dwa serca’.


Tango presented here is the artistic version originated from the dark streets of Buenos Aires and afterward moved from ball-rooms into the concert halls. This type of Tango identified with the name of Astor Piazzolli functions as the melody not as a dance. The mainstream of the concert focuses mainly on the music, history and figure of Piazzolli. Apart from the spontaneous and energetic pieces the group presents the compositions taking the listeners into the specific climate, emotions and unique atmosphere. The concert has gained its fame due to the greatest popularity of the main character Astor Piazzolli.


The presentation of the most popular dance melodies in the history of the presented genre moves the listeners to the world of the 16th century Minuet. They listen to the history of the national dance ‘Polonaise’ and feel the rhythm of Ragtime, contemporary Bossa Nova. ‘Csárdás’ by Vittorio Monti and fragments of ‘Carmen’ by George Bizet including famous  Habanet  and  Torreador’s march playing first fiddle.


This part refers to the famous Viennese concerts. The Waltz dances, The Polka dances, marches and others are the root of the program. Certainly, the Strauss family with their son Johann playing the most important role is the leading characters of the performance. The most famous operetta arias played during the concert are sung by the whole audience. ‘The Blue Danube’, ‘Can-can’, ‘Lips stay silent’ are the titles of the melodies recognized when the first sounds are played. ‘Radetsky March’ performed as a final with the participation of the audience leaves the listeners with the carnival mood.


It is the presentation of the figure of Walter Elias Disney, known today as Walt Disney, enriched with the music of eminent composers whose sound-tracks were the essential part of  works of film industry having their origins in The Great Empire named Walt Disney Company.  Even children and adults can recognize sounds from cartoons and feature films which bring joy alongside evoking deeper emotions. The listeners can indulge themselves into the world of fairy tales and magic while listening to the music themes and songs from ‘Lion King’, Pocahontas’, ‘Toy Story’, all of them rewarded by the Oscar Academy. The concert provides a great opportunity to spend fabulous time with the whole family.


The concert includes the musical compositions reflecting the character and mood of romanticism. The repertoire includes ‘Dreaming’ by Robert Schumann, fragments of musical ‘West Side Story’, film themes such as ‘Moon River’ and ‘Love Story’ popular music compositions such as: ‘Love Me Tender’ performed by Elvis Presley and ‘Yesterday’ by The Beatles. The specific atmosphere of the concert gives a great occasion for the Valentine’s Day meetings.


Meetings by the Christmas tree are rich with the most popular Christmas melodies in the world. The curiosities about the origin of ‘Silent Night’ and ‘White Christmas’ are interesting additions to the pieces performed during the concert. The listeners are provided with the chance of singing some of the most popular Polish Christmas carols such as: ‘Wśród nocnej ciszy’ and ‘Dzisiaj w Betlejem’. The concert is an excellent musical setting for the business Christmas meetings.


Trio Appassionata and friends is the widest program performed by the chamber group. The trio appears with other musicians including: two drummers both playing i.a. the xylophone, the orchestra bells, the kettledrum and the enormous set of small percussion instruments, bassist, saxophonist, trumpeter, singer (we co-operate with Marta Florek). We start the musical journey in the countries of the old continent and then travel to North and South America.  Apart from the works of Strauss, ‘Csardas’ by Monti and the fragments of ‘Carmen’ by Bizet the audience will listen to Bossa Nova, Tango, musical hits and film themes. The whole concert is crowned with the incredibly performed ‘Sabre Dance’.


The concert of unforgettable songs entitled ‘Like in the old days’ is the project performed with two soloists: mezzo-soprano and tenor. The concert is the recollection of popular songs of interwar period which is perfectly captured by the characteristic combination of the  ensemble. The presence of witty announcer, telling some curiosities about celebrities, adds some fantasy and humor. ‘Brunetki, blondynki’, ‘Tango Milonga’, ‘Nie kochać w taką noc to grzech’ arranged in a fresh way by Klaudia Krause are played during the concert lasting one and a half hour.


This is another vocal-instrumental project performed with two soloists: mezzo-soprano and tenor. We invite you for the 90 minutes musical performance taking you into the magical world of Tango. The music tells the history of this exceptional type of Tango. The audience is presented with some curiosities about the greatest inventors of Tango, but most of all they will  listen to some of the artistic presentations one of the most popular dance of the world. The performance starts with ‘Tango Milonga’, which is z after listening to the first sounds, then moving to the compositions of Carlos Gardel with an excellent film music theme from ‘Scent of a Woman’ – admired by the Argentinians, and then finishing with the sophisticated and breath-taking compositions of Astor Piazolli including famous ‘Adios Nonino’. The music presented during the concert creates diversified stylistic climate mostly based on the ‘Magic of Tango’.

You can create your individual program of the concert by the approval of the event organizer.

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