Trio Appassionata chamber group established in 2008 generates the unique sound originated from an exceptional and unprecedented combination of three musical instruments. Owing to Klaudia Krause’s perfectly extended original arrangement, the instruments obtain the orchestra sound.

Extraordinary enriched and diversified group’s repertoire includes classical music arrangements,   extracts of operas, operettas, and musicals, the best soundtracks of film music, jazz standards,   and artistic arrangements of popular music.

Trio Appassionata co-operates with many famous artists: singers, instrumentalists and dancers. Concerts led in a humorous and interesting way are an addition to the performance level.

The music of Trio Appassionata played during concerts, varnishing days, jubilees, banquets, company’s meetings and other occasions can even fulfill the expectations of the most fastidious listeners.

The group is in the possession of a high class electronic piano instrument and the sound equipment.